Making Turnaround Times

The first production day begins the first business day AFTER your graphic file AND approval are provided to us. Don't miss your fast turnaround time! Here's what you can do to ensure you don't miss a beat:

1. Submit Your Art File 2. File Check & Proof File 3. Approve Proof 4. Start Printing
12pmupload graphics team 3pmapproved printer
Submit your art file by noon (12:00pm PT). Preview your files, create your proof and Email your proof to you. Send your "Graphic Proof Approval" reply via Email by 3:00pm PT*. Replying by 3:00pm will allow your project to start the NEXT business day. (Non-written approvals are NOT accepted; approvals MUST be emailed back to the graphic designer!) First business day of production starts the day after you approve by 3:00.
* Due to current workload, we are accepting Graphic Proof Approvals until 5:00pm PT. Examples: Regular Business Day Production (Approve before 3pm) Regular Business Day Production (Approve after 3pm) Next Business Day Production Uploaded files: MONDAY 12:20pm PT Approved Proof: TUESDAY 2:30pm PT
Production Starts: WEDNESDAY Uploaded files: MONDAY 12:20pm PT Approved Proof: TUESDAY 4:30pm PT
Production Starts: THURSDAY Uploaded files: MONDAY 12:00pm PT Approved Proof: MONDAY 3:00pm PT
Production Starts: TUESDAY